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Tap-Rack Tactical, Ballistic Shield User Course AAR

July 24th-25th, 2020 | DLis0311

 I recently had the opportunity to attend Tap Rack Tactical’s Ballistic Shield User Course taught by Bill Blowers. This course is sure to test your one-handed skills but teach you a lot along the way.

The first few hours of day one are spent in the classroom, but it’s far from death by Powerpoint. After some review of shield history, construction, level of protection, and accessories the class transformed into a practical application of defensive tactics with a ballistic shield. Students paired up and practiced hands-on defensive tactics with a ballistic shield against an aggressor. (These may or may not come into play later in the course).

The rest of day one was spent on the range doing live fire. Freestyle shooting time norms were established, which lead to the establishment of one hand times, SHO/WHO. The course will definitely show you where you need to work.

Day two starts right back on the range. With the shield in hand, it was time to go to work. Students learn to adjust their shooting depending on how they are able to present the pistol around the shield depending on arm length etc. Proper safe transition from strong hand to weak hand is also practiced without setting the shield down. Day two also has the students practicing malfunction drills without putting the shield down. After all, that shield is protecting our Brother and Sisters behind us. A qualification course of fire is shot towards the end of the day and brings all the firearms drills to a realistic testing standard, just don’t let it get in your head.

The culmination of the course is some hands-on downed Officer rescue drills and some micro engagements using simunition’s, (remember those DT drills).

Bill Blowers is a consummate professional and brings years of practical experience to the course. His teaching style is easy going and fun. Even in the 90 degree plus days, we had the class remained fun and energetic.

I would highly recommend this class to any Officer assigned to carry a ballistic shield or just looking to upgrade their personal skills.

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