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Weekly Update #45 ( B&T SVD HD-18, Magpul Double Pistol Case, New Hodge Defense 11.5 S-Lock Rails, Sig MCX-SURG, OHC Ruggedized LightCap)


If you’re in the market for a reliable and secure way to transport and store your pistols, look no further than the Magpul DAKA Double Pistol Case. This large-format carrying case is designed with your firearms’ protection in mind. The semi-rigid construction and two large carrying handles make it perfect for taking your pistols and magazines on the go, while the discrete design ensures your valuables remain out of sight.

 The case features a snag-free, protective EVA foam liner on the internal panels, providing an extra layer of security and preventing damage to your firearms. The left panel includes two spacious pistol sleeves that can accommodate subcompact, compact, and full-size pistols, each with its own retaining strap for a secure fit. On the right panel, you’ll find eight magazine retention bands and a large outer panel pocket, keeping your pistols and magazines separate and protected. An additional zippered pocket provides space for storing documents, small tools, or cleaning items. With its rugged DAKA material, water-resistant YKK® AquaGuard® zipper, 550 paracord zipper pull, and pull-tab that doubles as a carabiner pass-through, this case is built to withstand the elements and keep your firearms safe. When one pistol just isn’t enough, trust the Magpul DAKA Double Pistol Case to be your go-to storage solution.

One Hundred Concepts Ruggedized LightCap

If you’re looking to enhance the functionality and durability of your tactical light, the One Hundred Concepts Ruggedized LightCap™ is a must-have accessory. As an updated version of the original LightCap™, this product incorporates user feedback to deliver an even better experience. The Ruggedized LightCap™ is constructed from a highly durable TPU rubberized plastic, which not only allows for new texture designs but also significantly reduces noise when flipping the cap on and off. I recently got my hands on one of these, and I can attest to the improved flexibility and quieter operation compared to standard light caps. The new patent-pending design features a flat front face and recessed finger location, making it easier to use when pulling-to-doff while still maintaining the push-to-doff ability that many users appreciate. 

One Hundred Concepts has also included their ShockCollar™ with every Ruggedized LightCap™, ensuring a simple and straightforward installation process. The texturized body of the Ruggedized LightCap™ helps dissipate light, aligning with the pursuit of signature reduction. This durable, quiet, low-profile, and user-serviceable cap not only eliminates unwanted reflections but also acts as a safety measure against negligent light discharges that could compromise the user’s position. This is particularly crucial when running night vision and IR laser/illuminators, where an accidental white light discharge could be disastrous. Upgrade your tactical light setup with the One Hundred Concepts Ruggedized LightCap™ for improved performance and peace of mind.

Hodge Defense 11.5" S-Lock Rail

Hodge Defense Systems has taken their already awesome Pinch Lock system and made it even better with the Spine Lock design. They’ve added more material to the “spine” of the handguard, which makes it even more rigid and stable. Plus, it’s got M-LOK compatibility, so you can easily attach all your favorite accessories. The rail is machined from tough 6061-T6 aluminum and has a Type III hard coat anodization, so you know it’s built to last. And get this – it uses the same barrel nut as Hodge’s Wedgelock and Pinch Lock rails, which makes installation a breeze. The only difference with this version is the new matte anodized finish, which matches perfectly with their recent uppers. So if you want a handguard that’s strong, stable, and looks great, definitely give the Hodge Defense 11.5″ S-Lock Rail a look.


B & T HD-18 SVD

Attention all you Soviet-era rifle enthusiasts out there, we’ve got something special for you this week. The B&T HD-18 SVD Hungarian Dragunov-18 is back in production after 50 years, and it’s a beauty. This semi-auto sporting rifle is a heritage of the license-manufactured Hungarian SzVD scoped rifle, and it’s got all the features you’d expect from a top-quality firearm.The HD-18 SVD is built with high-quality alloyed steels, and the receiver is machined from a single solid-piece steel block for maximum durability. The modular muzzle device comes with a removable muzzle-bushing, which can be swapped out by a gunsmith for the included SzVD-type elongated flash hider. And let’s talk about that wood furniture – it’s made from exclusive walnut with a pickled protected finish that looks absolutely stunning.

But it’s not just about looks – the HD-18 SVD is packed with features that make it a joy to shoot. The front guard has unique ventilation holes that conform to the USA Magpul M-Lok Standard, and the top row is usable to attach M-Lok based RAS Picatinny rails. The wooden buttstock is sporting style, elongated, rubber-padded, and ergonomic for maximum comfort during extended shooting sessions.
And of course, we can’t forget about the accessories. The HD-18 SVD comes with a PSzO-1M2 Target Scope, two 10-round magazines, and a 7.62x54R chambering that packs a serious punch. So if you’re looking for a classic Soviet-style rifle with modern features and top-quality construction, the B&T imported HD-18 SVD Hungarian Dragunov-18 is definitely worth checking out.  

You can find out even more information here from RECOIL magazine. 

Sig Sauer MCX-SURG Suppressed Upper Receiver Group 11.5 Barrel

Last but not least, we have the Sig MCX-SURGD. This 11.5″ upper features a permanently attached SLX suppressor and comes with two handguard options – one with a heat shield and a standard Spear rail. Keep in mind, this setup is designed for AR pattern lowers, not Sig Spear lowers.



New gear roundup for this week’s update #45!


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