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BTO Weekly Update #28 (Slip2000, Aimpoint Duty RDS, Radian Afterburner, Hodge Defense S-Lock)

In this week’s BTO Weekly Update, Ike covered several exciting new products now available from Big Tex Ordnance. Let’s dive into the details of each one:

Slip 2000 EWL30

First up is Slip 2000’s EWL 30 lube. This heavy-duty grease is designed for lubricating AR-15 bolt carrier groups where it can withstand the extreme heat generated during firing. A little bit goes a long way, so the 4 oz bottle is probably a lifetime supply for most. Simply apply a thin coat to the areas of the BCG that rub against the upper receiver. The EWL 30 has excellent adhesion properties to stay put rather than running off like some lighter lubricants. It’s perfect for protecting your BCG from wear and corrosion.

Slip2000 EWL30 

Aimpoint Duty RDS

Next is the new Aimpoint Duty RDS red dot sight. This optic brings Aimpoint’s legendary durability and reliability to an affordable price point. With 2 MOA dot size and 12 daylight brightness settings, the Duty RDS is built to perform in any lighting conditions. It comes with a standard mount and see-through lens covers installed. One thing to note – if using an aftermarket mount, be sure to get the Duty RDS-specific version to accommodate the built-in spacer on the sight body. Otherwise, it will sit much higher than intended. At only $400, the Duty RDS is an excellent option for a bombproof red dot.


Radian Afterburner Plus Ramjet

For Glock owners, Radian’s new Afterburner Plus Ramjet is a unique combo product. It pairs an aftermarket Glock 19 Gen 4 barrel with an integrated single chamber compensator. The low profile comp simply slips over the barrel and is secured with a set screw to prevent rotation. Machined openings on the bottom allow gases to escape, helping reduce felt recoil and muzzle rise. The Afterburner barrel features Radian’s quality materials and craftsmanship. All in one box for easy installation.


Hodge Defense S-Lock 13.65″

Finally, the Hodge Defense S-Lock 13.65″ handguard delivers uncompromising rigidity for mounting lasers and other accessories. This rock-solid aluminum rail is precision machined and hard coat anodized in black. At 13.65″ long, it’s perfectly suited for 14.5″ and 16″+ barrels while clearing most muzzle devices. Thanks to its S-Lock mounting system with multiple rows of anti-rotation tabs, this handguard isn’t going anywhere despite serious abuse. For people needing the absolute strongest lockup, the S-Lock rail is a top choice.

Those are all the details on this week’s lineup of high-quality products now in stock at BTO. Be sure to check them out for your AR, Glock, and optics needs. Stay tuned for more updates!



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